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Welcome to our Spirulina Mater blog! In this space, we want to share with you relevant information about our certifications and commitments to quality and sustainability. At Spirulina Mater, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products, backed by globally recognized certifications. Here's a look at our main certifications:

1. Kosher Certification: Our products are certified Kosher, which ensures that we meet Jewish food standards and that our production processes are rigorously monitored.

2. Gluten-free certification: To ensure that our products are accessible to people with gluten intolerance, we have certified ourselves as gluten-free, offering healthy options for everyone.

3. USDA Organic Certification: We are proud to carry the USDA Organic seal, which certifies that our Spirulina is grown and processed to the strictest organic standards, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

4. PROCHILE Certification: As a Chilean company, we are supported by the PROCHILE certification, which recognizes the quality and authenticity of our Chilean products in international markets.

5. Ecocert Certification: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our Ecocert certification, which validates our efforts to minimize our environmental impact and promote responsible agricultural practices.

6. Non-GMO Certification: We are committed to offering products free of genetically modified organisms (GMO), ensuring the purity and integrity of our Spirulina.

At Spirulina Mater, these certifications are more than just seals; They are a testament to our commitment to quality, authenticity and respect for the environment. Thank you for joining us on our journey towards a healthier and more sustainable world!

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