In the heart of the Atacama Desert!

Our crops are located in a privileged area in the middle of the Atacama Desert, specifically in the Pampa del Tamarugal, near Iquique, Chile. This is the driest and purest desert on the planet, far from large populations. Since 1999, we created the Spirulina Mater brand with the commitment to offer you the best of Spirulina.

Desert Atacama


"With spirulina, every gram counts, every nutrient it provides is an opportunity for renewal"

Our history of more than 25 years in research and production fills us with pride.

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the hard work of

24 Years of passion and dedication.

Spirulina Mater is the only ORGANIC Spirulina produced in Chile, backed by international certifications. Feed your life with one of the most complete foods that nature offers: spirulina.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability.

We challenge ourselves daily to offer you a product produced in harmony with the environment, adapting our technological processes to take care of it.

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Our values

We are inspired by our customers and our commitment to quality. Ethics, integrity and care for the environment guide our actions. We have a highly trained and committed team, ready to provide you with the best service.

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    Quality: Commitment to excellence in every aspect of our products and services.

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    Integrity: Act with honesty and transparency in all our operations.

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    Innovation: Constantly look for new ways to improve and adapt to the changing needs of the market.

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    Sustainability: Environmental and social responsibility in all our activities, promoting ethical business practices.

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    Customer Commitment: Place customer needs and satisfaction at the center of everything we do.

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    Teamwork: Foster an environment of collaboration, respect and mutual support among all team members.


Microbiologist and Product Director, Spirulina Mater.

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Strategic Alliances and scope in the world.

At Spirulina Mater, we partner with leading companies in various countries to bring the best of Spirulina to the entire world. From Colombia to Mexico, our collaborations allow us to offer quality products and innovative solutions.

  • Sustainable Agricultural Solutions.

    Revolutionize sustainable agriculture with Spirufert, an innovative biostimulant based on spirulina.

  • With enzymatic hydrolysis technology, we offer a unique solution for sustainable agriculture.

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  • Health for your Pets.

    Give your pets the power of Spirulina with Spirulina Mater in Colombia! COMING SOON IN CHILE!

  • discover our star products! Spirulina snacks for dogs, to SpiruHorse, Spirulina-based kibbles for horses.

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  • Spiral Spring, your source of Chilean Spirulina in Mexico.

    In addition to our 100% organic Spirulina, we offer exciting combinations,

  • From Spirulina + Cocoa and oats, or delicious Chocolate Bars with Spirulina!

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Spirulina transforms lives.

The true power of Spirulina lies in its ability to nourish the body, revitalize the spirit and transform lives.